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What’s It Like to Work at Cal Auctions?

Maria Cal Auctions

Hi! It’s Maria, the resident blogger here at Cal Auctions. I also manage the Facebook and Twitter pages, plus I help with writing product descriptions for the online auction catalogs. In other words, I stay busy just about every day working with the company.

I thought I’d shake things up a bit on the blog by sharing a little bit about what it’s like to work at this growing business. This post is mostly dedicated to those future employees/contractors, but if you’re curious about all the awesome things that go on behind the scenes, keep reading…


A Day In the Life


A typical day for an onsite coordinator starts at 8 AM. With the help of coffee and our favorite Pandora station (or local radio), we’re in the frame of mind to get the day started on a positive note.

The guys who work on the industrial side of the business are usually out in the field working on cataloguing machinery, tools, and other business equipment. The ladies who work on the estate side are either at someone’s home or at St. Vincent de Paul Villages. We also have monthly auctions in our warehouse, so about a week and a half out of the month we’re at home base.

Some may think that sitting in front of a computer or iPad each day coming up with creative things to say about each item and photographing each item can get tedious and boring, but it’s actually pretty fun. I personally catalog about 40-50 items each day.

I can only speak for myself, but in the past year and a half I’ve learned a tremendous amount about the online auction industry, what sells, what doesn’t sell, and so much more. Because we catalog a great deal of vintage and collectible items, I learn something new just about every day in my research. If you want to learn more about our process, read this past post.

The day goes by relatively fast and that’s because there’s usually so much to do, but we also have fun. It’s nice because we work as a team and collaborate. And when we’re feeling uninspired or just plain tired, we make sure to turn on the “Perculator“.


All in the Family


What I love about working with Cal Auctions is that we’re like a big family. We take care of each other. Yes, sometimes we butt heads or get on each other’s nerves, but we talk it out and move on. Our head honcho, Jason, is understanding, easy to talk to, and like a big brother to all of us.

Cal Auctions Team
Cal Auctions team holiday lunch

We recently added on two new team members, John and Todd, who have been helping out with organizing, tagging items, and preview/removal days.

Removal day at Cal Auctions
John, Jody, and Todd working a removal day.

Are you in the San Diego area and would like to work with us? We’re currently looking for people who have experience in the auction industry and/or have experience buying/selling vintage items and collectibles. Send us your resume via our contact page!


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