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Top 7 Collectibles to Buy Right Now

Top collectibles to buy right now

If you’re thinking about buying collectibles to flip real quick or you want to have a collection that will be worth money in the future, here are our top items to look out for:

1) Music-related collectibles

It isn’t a stretch to say that we all have a favorite musician or band. Whether it’s vintage vinyl records, posters, or ticket stubs from concerts, these items always gain interest from their respective fans.

2) Sports cards/memorabilia

Athletes and sports teams have fans who are always willing to pay top dollar for collectible items, especially if it has a favorite player’s signature on it or it is very rare. Consider the Honus Wagner card that sold for a record $6.6 million just this past year.

3) Comic books

Old comics still continue to rise in value. There are various factors that go into the valuation of comics including cover price, rarity, and condition of the book. According to Heritage Auctions, the majority of comic books created after the 1980s have no significant value.

4) Toys

There are so many toys that you could collect. The ones that could be worth money include limited-edition Barbies, LEGOs, Star Wars action figures, G.I. Joe action figures, rare and old Hot Wheels cars, antique wind-up toys, and model trains. For the most part, if you have vintage or antique toys, there’s a chance that they have value.

5) Vintage advertising signs

Vintage signs have a cult-like following. If you’ve ever watched the show, American Pickers, you always see the guys salivating over vintage advertising signs. Signs could potentially be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars.

6) Coins

Coin collecting has been a hobby for many people. In fact, coins have an inherent value that dates back thousands of years. Anything made of pure gold or silver will probably have value for many years to come.

7) Mid-Century Modern

For the past few years we’ve talked about the mid-century trend taking place in home decor. However, it’s not just about vintage furniture. Collectors are looking for mid-century barware, toys, electronics, and more.

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