November 28, 2016 | Posted by admin

For Sellers: Tips For a Successful Self-Supervised Auction

Successful online auction

Although we offer full-service auction services for clients, did you know that we also offer the option to host an auction event on your own? We call these Self-Supervised Auctions in which the seller maintains control of the production, sale, and removal of all items.

What are the benefits of a self-supervised auction? You gain access to our system, helping you list auction items easily and efficiently including Cal Auctions labels and spreadsheet. Another benefit is that we help you promote the event through our various marketing channels.

In order to maximize sales of your auction, here are a few tips to consider:



Take eye-catching photos of each item

Just like any business, first impressions are everything. The very first picture you take of each item should be visually appealing. A great picture can be the difference between a buyer clicking on the item to get more information or just quickly glossing over it as they browse through the catalog.


List your best items at the beginning of the auction

You don’t want to bury the most valuable items in the middle of the catalog. Many people will only look at the first few pages of an auction to determine whether or not it will be worth their time.


Invest a little time in marketing

We do have an in-house marketing and PR team that promotes every auction event on our site. We market via our email list, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, online forums, etc. However, if you do have personal social media accounts, a blog, or access to other marketing resources, then by all means spend some time cross-promoting the event.


Schedule a preview day on the weekend, if possible

In our experience, we’ve found that having a preview day on a Saturday will bring in the most people. If you can schedule at least two preview days (one weekend day and one weekday), it would be better. This all depends on what types of items you are selling, however. If you don’t think it’s absolutely necessary for people to preview your items, then perhaps just one day will be sufficient. If you’re selling used vintage items or antiques, people are more apt to want to see the items before placing a bid.

Sellers who have experience selling online via markets like eBay or Amazon will find that hosting a self-supervised auction event through us is much more cost-effective. They also save a great deal more time. If you’d like more information about this service, contact us!


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