June 30, 2021 | Posted by admin

The Detrimental Effect of Not Getting Rid of Stuff

Messy room

There are piles of clothes that you haven’t worn in years. It takes you 30 minutes to find something you need in the kitchen. Your “guest” room has now become a dumping ground of unfinished projects.

That’s when you know there’s a problem – or a potential problem.

Stuff can affect your mental health.

If you’ve ever watched the show, “Tidying Up” on Netflix, you can see how an unorganized and decluttered home can have a detrimental effect on the household. Even if you live by yourself, it affects your mental health.

If you believe that everything has energy, you understand that all the items in your home can weigh you down or lift you up. If your home is filled with things that don’t bring you joy, it’s creating emotional baggage that you carry around with you. An unorganized home causes clutter and chaos in your mind. This mental clutter affects not only your well-being and happiness but also affects the well-being of people you live with.

Clutter and disorganization in the home can be sources of contention and disharmony amongst household members. Even if you’re not arguing or fighting about the material items, it still affects you indirectly. Melissa over at SimpleLionheartLife.com says this about clutter:

Clutter can also leave you feeling overwhelmed or frustrated with the amount of work required to take care of everything you own. These feelings of frustration and overwhelm can often be directed towards your family. Even causing you to feel resentful or angry for the amount of time and energy managing your home and the stuff in it takes.

Does it spark joy?

Getting rid of stuff is much easier said than done. Many items can hold sentimental value. We’re not saying that you should get rid of these types of items. However, be aware that not everything can be sentimental. Stuff can also hold bad memories for you as well.

In “Tidying Up”, Marie Kondo recommends this method of decluttering your home: Hold every item, and if it sparks joy in you, keep it. If it doesn’t spark joy, thank it for being in your life and let it go.

Here at Cal Auctions clients have said how much better they feel after getting rid of stuff that they’ve hoarded for so many years. It’s like a huge weight being lifted off of them.

If you’re ready to sell items you’ve held onto for too long, contact us to see how we can help. Contact us today!


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