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Our Top 10 Articles of 2018

Top 10 online auction articles

2018 was a fun and exciting year for us here at Cal Auctions. We want to thank all of our customers and visitors who have participated in our online auctions!

If you haven’t visited our blog lately or you’re just reading for the first time, we put together a roundup of the most popular articles from this past year for your reading pleasure as you relax this holiday season…

10 Things You Should Always Buy at Online Estate Auctions

There are certain items that are always popular among our bidders. If you’re a collector of these items, we recommend receiving updates to our estate auctions so you don’t miss out on good deals.

Rare and Unique Holiday Gifts You Can Find in Online Auctions

Although the holiday season is over, this article can still be helpful if you’re looking for birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, or any other type of gift for friends and loved ones. Our monthly estate sale auctions are always full of treasures.


Our Estate Auctions Are Getting a New Home

This year we combined our estate and industrial warehouses together into one huge space. The new headquarters is still a work in progress. We’re excited to be growing and expanding in order to create a better shopping experience for our customers.

What You Should Know Before Doing Business With An Auction House

If you’re new to selling items in online auctions and thinking about working with an auction house that specializes in these types of auctions, this is a must-read. If you have any further questions, check out our sellers page. Also, don’t hesitate to contact us if you want more information.

How to Get Good Deals and Make Money in the Process

Looking for a way to make some extra income on the side? Here are some tips on how to make money with abandoned property, plus websites where you can resell items and make a profit.

5 Helpful Tips For Liquidating an Estate

Liquidating or downsizing an estate can be a stressful process, but if you follow the tips in this article, you’ll be armed with resources to help make it less daunting and hassle-free.

The Difference Between Vintage, Antique, and Retro

There is a constant debate between these 3 terms in the collecting community. Based on our research via experts and the Internet, we’ve come up with some definitions. Let us know what you think!


Cal Auctions Welcomes 2 New Team Members

As we stated before, our company keeps growing and expanding. This year we hired a few new team members who came from Father Joe’s Villages here in San Diego. All of them have a tremendous amount of experience in the auction industry and we’re so happy to have them join our team.


4 Compelling Reasons to Downsize Your Home

Is “less”, or “smaller” actually better? In this article, we provide a case for selling off all that stuff and living an easier, simpler life.


Buying a Car at Auction: Pros and Cons

No more pushy salespeople! If you’re looking to save a ton of money on a car purchase, look no further than online auctions. Read this article so you’ll know what to look for and what you need to do to make buying a car at auction a smooth process.

In 2019 we hope to provide even more helpful tips and resources about online auctions. Is there any information you would like us to write about in upcoming blog posts? Send us a message with suggestions and feedback. Thank you!


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