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Online Estate Sale Auctions: The Best Place to Find Deals on Art

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You may have heard a story or two about someone finding multi-million dollar art pieces in a thrift store. But have you considered the idea of finding a hidden art treasure in an online estate sale auction?

When it comes to high-end fine art pieces, we usually think about big auction houses like Christie’s or Sotheby’s. However, don’t rule out any of the smaller online auctions because you just never know!

For example, some of you who have been a customer for awhile may recall the $25,000 John Fery painting that we auctioned for St. Vincent De Paul. The painting was discovered by an employee who actually liked the frame, but decided to do some research on the painting. That’s when he discovered that the painting was worth way much more than originally thought!

Estate Sale Auctions Are Still an Untapped Marketplace

Although the concept of online auctions has been around for awhile, people have still yet to fully catch up on the idea of searching online estate sale auctions when shopping for art. In fact, the online art market is still in its infant stages.

People are still willing to pay $75 for a mass-produced piece from Pier One Imports. For that same $75 they could purchase an original work of art that gets more compliments and inspires conversations. Even long-time art collectors still frequent galleries for pieces to add to their collections.

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Shopping For Art Requires Specialized Knowledge

The one thing about finding good deals on art in online auctions is that it requires a trained eye to determine the potential value of a piece. You could acquire this specialized knowledge just by visiting art museums, art galleries, or simply studying art. Fortunately, we also have the Internet now to easily Google an artist’s name to get some background.

One of the basic features you could look for is an original signature somewhere near the bottom of the art piece. Many artists put their signature on the bottom right. Another thing to look for when purchasing a print is a signature along with a number such as 1/100. This means that it is a limited edition and is the very first copy that was printed. It’s also good to have some knowledge of lithographs, giclees, and photomechanical graphic art.

Do Your Research

The same rules apply to art as is anything else you purchase in an online auction. Get as many details as you can about the pieces you are interested in. If an auction house says that artwork is valued at a certain price, ask if there is a certificate of authenticity or if a professional appraisal is available.

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