October 26, 2016 | Posted by admin

New Venue For the Father Joe’s Specialty Auction

New venue for Father Joe's Villages Specialty Auction

In our last blog post we talked about a new warehouse addition. Well, another change we’re experiencing now is a new venue for the Father Joe’s Villages/St. Vincent de Paul Villages Specialty Auction that is held every 6 weeks. If you’re a new customer or blog reader, you can read more about this Specialty Auction here.

The new venue is right across the street from the Auction Center at the Father Joe’s Villages furniture warehouse (3350 “E” Street, San Diego CA 92102). What’s nice about this new venue is that it feels more open and spacious. Some of you may remember how cramped it was in the old space. Granted, it’s not as “homey” or intimate as before, but we’ll still be there with our smiling faces to make it a friendly experience.

Setting up for the next Specialty Auction was a challenge figuring out how to organize and group thousands of items. We have to share a space with the workers who are bringing food in and out of the huge freezer and fridge areas (where they store food before it’s cooked at the homeless shelters), so we had to create a path for forklifts and pallets to be brought in and out of the space.

John and George processing auction items

It took about two weeks to get everything organized and catalogued. It’s not perfect, but hopefully those of you who come down for preview days will share your feedback with us.

Featured Items

The catalog is now up on our website for your viewing pleasure. Here are just a few items that are unique and interesting…

Aztec/Mayan burial mask

This is an Aztec/Mayan burial mask made of semi-precious stone. Mayans are known to wear masks on various occasions, which are symbols of their gods and the spirit world. Burial masks are put on the deceased because they believed it helped the spirits identify them.

Antique panetiere

Who knew bread boxes could be so fancy? This is an antique panetiere from the 19th century. Panetieres were popular in France where they were traditionally mounted on the wall and used to store bread and other perishables. They feature ornate carved designs with turned spindles and finials.

Tree trunk sculpture

This is truly a one-of-a-kind sculpture made from a tree’s root. It could be used as a room divider, or perhaps serve as a backdrop in your garden. If you do bid on this very large piece, please note that it is very heavy and you will need a few people to help you during removal day. The option for home delivery is also available and will need to be arranged.

View the full catalog and/or register to bid on these items and more here: https://calauctions.wpengine.com/301049/father-joes-villages-svdp-specialty-auction/


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