July 19, 2016 | Posted by admin

6 Things That Were Made Before the Internet

Knitted egg cosies

Before the Internet was invented we had much more time on our hands compared to what we have now. Kids actually played in the park with each other instead of chasing virtual creatures in the park, people went to the movies, joined their company’s softball league, and we all communicated by actually talking to each other on the phone.

But think back to 50+ years ago when the extent of technology was TV and radio. There was more time to think and create, right? People sat down with their families and had long, extended dinners with conversation. Many women were at home raising their kids, sewing clothes, and exchanging recipes with their neighbors. That’s just the way it was.

During our time cataloguing items for the latest Father Joe’s Villages Specialty Auction and the Antiques at the Village Auction we came across some pieces that reminded us how much more time there was “back in the olden days”.

Flour sifters

People just don’t have that much time to cook anymore, let alone sift their flour before cooking. We’re just too busy surfing the Internet and watching funny cat videos. People used to sift the flour to get out lumps or the occasional insect, but modern flour doesn’t have those issues.

Flower and rice sifters

Egg cosies

These egg covers came about during the 19th century. They were made of cloth and served to keep the egg warm. At first thought it seemed like the egg cosy was a thing of the past, but after a quick Google search it’s apparent that knitters and crafters still make egg cosies. Well, so much for that idea going extinct.

Printed photos

Who remembers actually getting in a car and driving to the photo store to have your memories printed? How about putting them in photo albums? And what about sharing photos with no *gasp* filters?

Vintage family photos

Book stands/rests

Before the Internet, people read books that were made of paper and they sometimes used book rests instead of holding the book in their hands.

Brass book rest


Back in the day people got off their couch to walk outside and pick up a newspaper off their driveway. Newspapers are dying breed, but thankfully we now have the Internet that constantly bombards us with all the exciting news our hearts’ desire. What crazy thing did that politician say? You didn’t have to wait until the next day to read the newspaper. You can now check YouTube or their Twitter, Facebook, or Snapchat, etc., etc.

Vintage newspaper

Landline Telephones

There was a time when people had long conversations on the phone…about life and stuff. You had to catch people at home if you wanted to talk to them, and if you couldn’t get in contact with someone you had to keep calling if they didn’t have an answering machine.

Porcelain vintage telephone

There’s probably a very, very small percentage of people who still use or make these items. Which one of these are you familiar with?


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