May 14, 2015 | Posted by admin

5 Benefits of Doing an Online Estate Sale Instead of a Traditional Estate Sale

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Maybe you’ve been contemplating downsizing and moving into a smaller home, or a loved one has passed away and it’s time to let go and liquidate assets. The traditional way of selling everything quickly is hosting an estate sale. You could also try selling items on Craigslist or through a consignment shop, but whatever you’re thinking about doing, it seems daunting and highly time consuming.

Have you considered an online estate sale? Here are 5 benefits of having this type of sale versus going the traditional route:

Sell to a worldwide audience – With a typical estate sale you’re limited to local buyers, and if you live in a smaller city or town, you may not get the type of buyers who would be interested in what you’re selling. On the other hand, when you host an online estate sale you could sell to just about anyone in the world. Would you rather have 500 potential buyers…or 500,000 potential buyers?

You have more privacy – For some people it’s a little unsettling to have strangers wandering throughout their home. Then there could be confusion about what’s for sale and not for sale if you only want to sell a portion of your property.

Here at Cal Auctions we can move all of your assets from your home to our warehouse here in San Diego. We have a showroom where the public can preview anything that’s up for auction. For non-local buyers we take professional pictures of each item so they can see exactly what they’re bidding on.

More efficient and organized – If you have many items to sell, holding an estate sale online is much easier and less stressful than a traditional live sale. All transactions and bidding are conducted online just like eBay. Once the auction is over, buyers can pick up the items if they are local or they are shipped out to non-local buyers.

Get help with marketing – When you work with an online estate sale provider, you have the support of a specialist that has the resources and marketing power to spread the word about your estate sale. More than likely an established provider will have a big email list of potential buyers in addition to social media followers to share your sale with.

Save tons of time and money – Working with an online estate sale provider makes for virtually a hassle-free event. All you have to do is show up to pick up your check after it’s over! The provider can take care of everything for you including taking pictures of all the items, marketing the sale, clean up after the sale, and shipping to buyers.

If you’re in the San Diego area and interested in having an estate sale, find out how Cal Auctions can help you make it a success. Contact us to see what options are available for you.


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