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We’re Hiring! Become a Part-Time Team Member

We're Hiring

Do you love to shop in online auctions? Want to work with a fun group of people? Are you passionate about customer service and enjoy helping others?

We invite you to apply to become one of our team members!

What we’re looking for are people who can assist with physically preparing the items to be sold in our online auctions. They will also work to catalog and manage the preview and pickup of items at various locations in San Diego County.

Responsibilities and Duties

* Organize, photograph and write a detailed description for items to be sold in an online auction.

* Greet and interact with bidders and customers during a scheduled preview of the auction, plus answer questions about the auction or the property being sold.

* Work with other team members to manage and organize the scheduled pickup of items by winning bidders after the auction.

* Research items being sold.

You can learn more about what we do and read more about our process of preparing for auctions in this past blog post.

Qualifications and Skills

* General knowledge of a variety of items from personal property to business assets.

* Ability to quickly learn and use a variety of cloud-based and proprietary software programs.

* Ability to use a laptop computer and type proficiently.

* Ability to use a digital camera.

* Be able to lift 50 pounds.

* Willing to work in a variety of physical settings including indoors, outdoors and with or without climate control.

* Willing to work with a small team in a fun and fast-paced environment.

* Enjoy helping people.

You can learn more about our day-to-day activities in this post. Not too much has changed since that article was written several years ago. The only thing that has really changed is that our warehouse is much bigger and the business has grown. We’re definitely like a family and everyone you work with is down-to-earth and enjoys what he/she does.

Our clients and customers are very diverse and feel like family, too. We have many return customers who sometimes bring us yummy treats, which is a nice perk!

If you or somebody you know is available between 8AM-5PM Monday through Friday, send an email with a resume and qualifications to

We look forward to working with you!


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