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5 Items To Keep Your Eyes On In Our Upcoming Online Auctions

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Browsing through our online auctions can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. We often have hundreds of items to browse through. In this post, we’re going to talk about 5 items that are usually popular or are hot items due to their value. These are available in the upcoming Industrial Tools, Equipment, and Surplus Auction, and the Combined Assets Gallery Estate Sale.

Air Compressor (Lot #16235)

We currently have a large NAPA air compressor in the Industrial Tools, Equipment, and Surplus Auction. Air compressors have a multitude of applications, which always make them popular items in our auctions. You can use compressors for personal and commercial uses such as construction, spray painting, inflating tires, pressure washing, and much more.

NAPA air compressor

Craftsman Screwdrivers (Lot #16168 – Industrial auction)

You’re probably wondering what’s so special about screwdrivers, but a toolbox just isn’t a toolbox without screwdrivers. You can have a nice collection of screwdrivers in all different sizes in addition to a variety of miscellaneous items including solder, files, keys, etc.

Craftsman screwdrivers

1948 Schwinn Autocycle (Lot #12660)

Schwinn is a recognizable brand with a ton of history. They’ve made everything from cruiser bikes to mountain bikes and road bikes. During the 1930s, Frank W. Schwinn developed the autocycle, a high-quality bike for kids. They had sturdy frames, front suspension, and internal coastal brakes.

In the Combined Assets Gallery Estate Sale Auction, you’ll find a 1948 Schwinn Autocycle that has been restored but does have some paint loss. Vintage bicycle enthusiasts will love this beauty!

1948 Schwinn autocycle

Gurhan Sterling And 24k Gold Gauntlet Ring (Lot #12031)

You don’t have to be familiar with the Gurhan brand to know that this ring is high-quality. If you’re a jewelry connoisseur, this piece should catch your eye. As of the writing of this article, the highest bid is already at $275. It was purchased at Neiman Marcus for $900.

Gurhan ring

1989 Mattel Barbie ‘57 Chevy (Lot #12533)

Barbie collectors are already bidding like crazy for this item. Actually, if you’re a Barbie fan, this is an auction you don’t want to miss because there is a HUGE collection of Barbies and Barbie accessories available.

Barbie Chevy

If you’re new to our online auctions, these two auctions are recurring auctions. If you don’t get the winning bid on these items, no worries! We’ll have plenty of other items that you can bid on in the future.

Click here to shop the Industrial Tools, Equipment, and Surplus Auction.

Click here to shop the Combined Assets Gallery Estate Sale Auction.


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