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Top Tips For Collecting Vintage Items

Top Tips For Collecting Vintage and Antique Items

If you’ve participated in any of our Combined Asset Gallery Estate Sale Auctions, you know that we often have vintage and antique treasures for every type of collector. If you’re just starting out as a collector, we’ve curated these 10 best tips from other vintage and antique enthusiasts…

1. Do a Little Digging

Kate Simmons at Decoist.com says that you should cultivate an eye for treasures:

What’s the secret to finding an unforgettable piece of vintage decor at an equally unforgettable price? There are amazing deals to be made when you’re willing to dig a little.

2. Always Buy What You Like

Antique Marks offers what we think should be the Golden Rule of collecting:

Whether you are buying antiques as an investment or for a collection or to sell them on; Always buy what you like and buy what you are interested in.

3. Keep The Boxes

If you plan to sell an item in the future, LiveAbout.com offers this advice:

If your collection is the newer stuff that comes in special boxes, it’s always more valuable with those darn boxes. The same is true with vintage stuff, the item will always be worth more with the original box.

4. Shop on Auction Sites

If you’re just starting your collection, Roadshow Collectibles says that one of the things you should know is where you will start looking for items.

Start with the auction sites, these sites can sometimes have certain items that you are looking for at a very reasonable price.

5. Do Your Homework

U.S. Antique Shows offers another collecting tip for novices:

No matter what you’re shopping for, understanding quality and price are essential. Doing research will help you know why antique items are priced as they are and whether the price the dealer is offering is fair.

6. Learn How to Clean Your Antiques

The last thing you want to do is damage a collectible because you didn’t clean it correctly. Here’s what HobbyHelper.com says:

Some types of antiques should not be cleaned at all. Coins should not be cleaned because cleaning lowers the value. Other items may call for special handling or professional restorers.

7. Just Because It’s Old, Doesn’t Mean It’s Valuable

Something that is in poor condition can greatly affect its value. Here’s what StorageFront.com says:

…a certain amount of care taken when storing an antique could benefit the owner if they choose to sell one day.

8. Ask Questions

If you’re new to collecting vintage or antique items, don’t hesitate to ask questions. Dusty Old Thing offers this sound advice:

Many sellers whether at antique shops, fairs, or auctions are happy to offer a bit of their expertise and answer any questions. Much like you, these sellers are very interested in antiques and have likely learned a lot of valuable information over the years…

You’re always welcome to ask us questions about any of the items we have available in our auctions by giving us a call (619-326-9690) or sending us an email.

Do you have any collecting tips to add to this list?


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