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Top Items to Buy at Online Auctions

Antique Chinese vases

Bidding and buying in online auctions has become a fun past-time for some people. In our experience of doing online auctions, we’ve had many customers who have been able to score deals because of their patience and tenacity. Here are some of the top items they were able to buy and resell to make a profit or keep for their own collections…


Many buyers turn to traditional estate sales or antique shops and dealers when shopping for old treasures, but you’d be surprised at some of the interesting pieces we auction off in our monthly estate auction. Because not everyone is into antiques, you can sometimes find hidden treasures that nobody else knows about.

Rare collectibles

It’s only once in awhile that we come across a rare or obscure collectible, but it’s only a small subset of customers who are even aware or even care about the true value of the piece. This is especially true when it comes to art. Some customers don’t even take the time to research what they have before it goes to auction – especially if it’s part of an inheritance. Some of you may recall the painting that was donated to St. Vincent de Paul that ended up selling for over $20K.

Costume jewelry

Determining the value of this type of jewelry can sometimes be difficult. There were a couple pieces that we auctioned off awhile ago that sold for so much more than we even expected.

Asian vases

Unless you’re an expert in Oriental decor, you’d be scratching your head trying to figure out the difference between a vase that’s worth a few bucks and one that’s worth hundreds or thousands of dollars. And if you know just a little bit, you may be able to score big like this seller did.

By the way, in our latest warehouse estate auction, we have a special collection of Oriental antique pieces including a few Buddha Tangka paintings.

Sports trading cards in bulk lots

When we receive bulk lots of sports cards to auction off, we typically don’t have the time to sort through and look at every single card. And who knows if there’s a rare baseball card hiding in the pile?

Comic books in bulk lots

One of our customers purchased a bulk lot of auction items in which he discovered a first edition Iron Man comic that ended up being worth $17,000.

What was your biggest deal that you purchased in an online auction? Are there any items that you would add to this list?

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