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Tips For Online Auction Buyers For a Smooth Removal Day

Online Auction Removal DayYou’ve won those items that you’ve been bidding on and it’s time to pick them up. Here at Cal Auctions removal day can be hectic at times, especially if it’s a big auction, so we’re going to share some tips in order to make the process a little smoother for you.

Bring your receipt. This is probably the most important thing to remember on removal day. After the auction is over you will receive a receipt via email from us with a list of items that you have won. Print out this receipt and present it when you check in. Not only does this receipt make it easier for us to locate your item, but it ensures that we are actually giving the items to the winner.

Bring a box, paper, or other packing supplies. If you’ve won more than a few items and they are fragile pieces, we recommend bringing wrapping paper, boxes, or bubble wrap. Although we typically have these supplies available, sometimes they run out.

Come early. If you want to get in and out quickly, we recommend arriving at 9 am or during the early afternoon. Otherwise, you may have to prepare to wait in line.

Bring muscle power. We do have people who are able to help you load your car or truck if you’ve won heavy items such as furniture, wooden trunks, and other large pieces, but during real busy times we may not be able to help you. We’re here to gather all the items for you, but you’re essentially responsible for removing your own items or arranging for a shipping company to pick up the items for you.

Come to the preview day. If you come to the preview day, you’ll know exactly what you’ve won and where it’s located, especially if there are multiple items in a lot. This can help gather everything together for you much faster.

If this is your first time winning an online auction with us, removal day usually takes place the next day after the auction closes. Removal times are typically from 9 am until 4 pm. If you are located in another area and will have a shipping company mail items to you, we recommend scheduling a time for pickup between those hours.

We hope these tips will help make your experience with us much more pleasant and fun!
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