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The Rise of Vintage: Why It’s a Good Time to Be an Upcycler or Collector

Pickard dining set

People have been collecting vintage items for a long time, but with the popularity of shows like “American Pickers” and “Pawn Stars”, there has been more awareness of the value of vintage items and collectibles.

In particular, the vintage trend in interior design has really taken off in the last five years. Just spend a few minutes on Pinterest and you’re likely to come across pins of mid-century style furniture and tons of DIYers upcycling vintage items. Even shows like “Flea Market Flip” have broadened our home decor horizons, providing tons of ideas on turning trash into treasure. With just a little creativity and paint, you can take any old piece of furniture and give it a modern look. If you’re a more ambitious and creative upcycler, you could try incorporating motorsports parts into your pieces.

Collecting as an Investment

Even if you’re not upcycling items, you may consider starting a collection of vintage pieces as an investment. After all, who really knows what’s going to happen to the stock market in the future? You may not make millions as a collector (unless you’re collecting Picasso’s or classic cars), but if anything, collecting can become a great pasttime and you can always pass down the items as family heirlooms.

Here’s a helpful article over at Forbes that offers tips on how to make collecting pay off.

What If We All Upcycled?

Ever since we started doing the St. Vincent de Paul Villages Specialty Auctions, we’ve seen tons of clothing, household goods, and furniture come and go at the auction warehouse. Although they sell many of the items, unfortunately some of it has to go to the dump. Think about how much stuff goes into the landfills on a daily basis? If more of us knew how to recycle or upcycle things, it could make a difference.

In the current St. Vincent de Paul Villages auction, there are many items for collectors and upcyclers…

Collectors of comic books will love that there are a few 100-lot listings of comics in the collectibles category.

Comic books up for auction

If you’re into rocks, gemstones, and fossils, you’ll have a field day with these.

Rocks and fossils

Know how to upcycle furniture pieces? This pair of vintage wingback chairs could possible use a makeover.

Vintage wingback chairs

These mid-century bar stools just need a fresh coat of paint and new upholstery.

Mid-Century Bar Stools

Check out the full catalog of 900+ items up for auction. You just might find an item that inspires you to start a collection or convert you into an upcycler. And remember, proceeds of the auction go to help the homeless in San Diego. Everything in the auction is donated, which are either sold in their retail locations, auctioned off in the daily live auctions at the warehouse, or auctioned online through our website. Last year revenues from donations were over $14M, and we’re honored to help them every month with their online auction. Read their latest annual report to learn more about Father Joe’s Village and St. Vincent de Paul Villages.

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