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April 28, 2020 | Posted by admin

The Most Interesting Antique Items in the San Carlos Estate Sale

If you love to collect antique items, you probably miss going out to flea markets and antique stores for treasure hunting. The majority of us are still confined to our homes due to the Coronavirus pandemic, however, that doesn’t have to stop you from shopping online for antiques.

We have an estate sale coming up that may just have what you’re looking for. Here are a few of the featured items available…

Antique Pickle Castor

During the 19th century, wealthy Victorians would display these castors on their dining room table. And yes, pickles (or pickled produce) were displayed in these elegant containers. The designs of pickle castors were fancy and elaborate to show off the owner’s status. The one pictured here is made of glass and silver plate.

Antique Framed Black And White Portrait

Antique portraits have always been a fascination, especially if you don’t know the people in the picture. Maybe it’s just us, but it’s fun to imagine who these people were and how they lived. You can try and guess if they were happy or not by their eyes and body language.

Antique Beveled Wall Mirror With Scrolled Design

They don’t make them like this anymore is what you’re probably thinking when you look at this mirror. Antique mirrors come in a wide range of types and styles but they all are charming and very luxurious-looking. Even in a modern home, these mirrors can add a touch of glamour and sophistication.

Antique Silver-Plated Small Whisk Broom And Nail Buffer

In the olden days, they took grooming to another level. Nowadays we use simple nail buffers made of cheap materials. Back then they used silver-plated buffers with fancy repoussé designs. Also included in this lot is a handheld whisk broom that had many uses including dusting the tops of dressers, cleaning clothes, or whisking away the dirt on shoes.

Antique Invalid Cups

During Victorian times if you were sick in bed and unable to drink from a regular cup, you would drink or eat liquid meals from an “invalid” cup. It looks similar to a very small teapot except at the top there is only a half cover. The bedridden person would drink out of the feeder while holding the handle.

Which of these will you add to your antique collection? Check out the full catalog of the San Carlos Estate Sale Auction where you can find these items and many more vintage and antique pieces.


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