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Rare and Unique Holiday Gifts You Can Find in Online Auctions

Unique and rare holiday gifts

Can you believe the holidays are just around the corner?! If you’re the gift-giving type of person, it’s that time of year to start planning what to give your friends and loved ones. As easy as it is to just give someone a gift card, it’s much more fun to find rare or unique items that can be more meaningful for the people you’re giving them to.

Before you run out to that big box retailer packed full of crazy shoppers, may we interest you in items from our online auctions? Here are a few unique and rare gift ideas…

One-of-a-Kind Art

Most people appreciate a nice piece of artwork, especially if it’s an art piece featuring a subject they are interested in or a style that they like. We always have unique paintings, prints, and photographs in our monthly Combined Asset Gallery Estate auctions.

Galileo Glass Hygrometer

This thermometer consists of a large glass tube filled with fluid and floating glass spheres. Even if you don’t actually use it to determine what the weather is, it’s a nice, decorative item for the home.


Antique Barware

The beer and/or wine drinkers in your life always seem to have plenty of barware and will never turn down more to add to their collections, especially if they are collectible pieces that can’t be found anywhere else.

antique barware

Collectible Ephemera

Vintage postcards, advertisements, brochures, etc. are sure to bring about nostalgic feelings for people who remember those “good ole days”. If you’re the creative type, you could fill a shadow box or create a collage and frame these types of items.

Rare Antique Bikes

If you’ve browsed the catalog of our latest Combined Asset Gallery Estate Auction, you may have seen this stunning beauty pictured here. It’s a 1936 Monark Silver King aluminum framed bicycle with balloon tires.

antique bicycle

Music Memorabilia

There probably isn’t a person in the world who doesn’t have a favorite singer or band. Any music lover appreciates music from back in the day. Who wouldn’t like a framed vinyl record cover or an autographed Beatles magazine? You can never go wrong with music-related gifts.

A Bounce House

How many people do you know actually own a bounce house for their kids? Probably very few, if at all. Well, now is your chance to buy one because we currently have an Inflatables Extravaganza full of bounce houses in all shapes and sizes. This auction closes on 11/28.

What’s the most unique item that you’ve ever received as a gift?


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