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Our Most Popular Articles of 2019

Our Top Articles of 2019

Our blog archive has grown so much over these past few years! This article was initially titled “Our Most Popular Online Auction Articles of the Decade”, but since we’ve only been active on this blog for 5 years, it’s more fitting to simply share our most-read articles from this year.

If you’re new to our site and want to know more about us or get tips about online auctions and collecting, check out these articles below…

10) Buying a Car at Auction: Pros and Cons

We sell a variety of vehicles including cars, trucks, vans, and more. Learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of buying vehicles via online auctions.

9) How to Sell Your Sterling Silver Items

In our monthly Combined Assets Gallery Estate Auction, we often have sterling silver items available for sale. If you’re thinking about selling your sterling items, make sure to read this article.

8) 5 Unique Holiday Gift Items For the Person Who Has Everything

Although the holidays are over, this article still applies to any type of gift. Why buy a typical present for a loved one when you can give something fun and unique?

7) The Most Costly Mistakes Buyers Make When Bidding in Online Auctions

If you’re new to online auctions, this is an article you definitely should read if you really want to save money.

6) 6 Items Every Vintage Collector Should Own

Collecting vintage items is such a fun hobby, plus you learn a lot about history along the way.

5) How to Make Money With Government Surplus Auctions

Do you want to start your own business and like to frequent auctions? Government surplus auctions are a great way to make extra money or jump-start your own empire.

4) 5 Tips For Collecting Valuable Disneyana

Disney collectibles are still hot-ticket items. Find out which ones to look out for and the best place to look for Disneyana.

3) Top Tips For Collecting Vintage Items

We sell many different types of vintage items in our Combined Assets Gallery Estate Auctions. Follow these tips if you’re a novice or simply want to maximize your profits if you plan to resell items later.

2) Types of Collectible Glass – Which Ones Are the Most Valuable?

Collectors all over the world still find value in glass objects. Make sure to check out this guide to help you find the most valuable types of glass.

1) The Difference Between Antique, Vintage, and Retro

The definitions of these terms are relatively universal with some variations depending on who you talk to. This is a very popular question, so it’s not surprising that this article is our most-read one.

In 2020 we hope to bring you even more valuable content. Let us know anytime if there’s a topic you’d like for us to cover. Thanks so much for reading!


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