July 26, 2018 | Posted by admin

Please Pardon the Dust! New Auction Website Under Construction

Cal Auctions New Website

If you’ve been browsing our website recently, you may have noticed that some of our auctions have taken on a new look.

We are currently working on revamping our website with brand new software and bidding system. We are not able to automatically transfer customer information over to the new system, so you will need to register again for our website. That means you’ll also need to enter your credit card information again.

If you do view an auction in the new design, you will see this notice:

You will have to re-register for this website with new credentials – your old bidder number and credit card will not work. Please do not wait until the morning of the auction to register. You will only have to register for this website once. Website is in beta – we apologize for any technical issues you may experience.

It is the same process as before in that if you want to bid on any item in an auction, you will have to register for each auction by logging in with your email address and password.

The auction details are on the left side that include the preview date(s) and time and the closing date and time. There is also a link that you can click on that says, “Expand terms and conditions” to read all the fine print of each auction.

New auction page

Below is what each page of a catalog will look like. You can also browse quickly through all the photos for each item by hovering over the first picture and clicking on the right or left arrow. You can also view larger photos by clicking on the first picture. You’ll also notice that the exact time when each item will close is displayed.

Online auction catalog page

Please keep in mind that this new design is in “beta” mode, so you may (or may not) encounter technical issues. We’re still working out all the kinks. All auctions starting in August will have the new software.

If you do have any problems using the site, please let us know by giving us a call at: 619-326-9690 or contact us by sending a message. Also, if you have any feedback on the new design to share, we welcome that as well.

We do apologize in advance for any inconveniences this may cause. Once the website remodel is complete, we hope that it will be much easier to browse and bid on items!

We do have many more fun updates in store for our website. Stay tuned!


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