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What You Should Know Before Doing Business With an Auction House

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You’ve been doing research about the best way to liquidate an estate and you decided that selling your items via an online auction with an auction house is the best option for you.

Now what?

There are quite a few auction houses in your area, so now it’s time to figure out which one will provide the best hassle-free service.

Here are a few questions you should ask each company:

What’s included in the service?

You should know exactly what the auction house is going to do to sell your items. Will they tag and take photos of the items? Do they offer a preview day so buyers can inspect items before placing bids? How will they deliver items to customers?

If you’re curious about our process and what goes on behind the scenes when we get ready for an online estate sale auction, check out this post.

How much commission will they charge?

Every company has a different pay structure or commission depending on what you’re selling, how much work it will take to get the items in selling condition, and how much will be spent on marketing. Commissions can range anywhere from 10-50% and should be stated in writing before any work is done.

How will they market the auction?

Marketing is one of the major keys to a successful online auction that attracts tons of bidders. It’s important to know what the marketing plan will be for your auction.

Here at Cal Auctions we spend a great deal of resources to market every auction. We have over 9,000 email subscribers who receive weekly emails. We also list auctions in various directories and post on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) including paid posts on Facebook and Instagram.

Just like any business transaction, working with an auction house should be a win-win situation. You should feel comfortable about the process and have all of your questions answered.

If you’re still unsure about working with an auction house or doing an online estate sale auction, read this article that outlines the benefits of doing an online estate sale versus a traditional estate sale.

Still have questions about working with auction houses not covered in this article? Feel free to contact us.

If you’re in the San Diego area and interested in selling your estate via an online auction, call us for a consultation: 619-326-9690


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