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October 14, 2020 | Posted by Maria Palma

Is There Money Hiding In Your Home?

You’ve probably heard or read about that person who found something in their attic that ended up being worth a ton of money.

Could that person be you?

You’d be surprised the things that could be worth alot of money hiding in your home. That old toy buried in a box, the piece of jewelry you thought was ugly and gaudy that your grandma gave you, or even that simple piece of wood furniture that’s been in the family for years – turns out to be a highly sought-after mid-century piece.

Don’t Wait Til Spring

Everyone usually does their clean-outs during the spring, but why not do it now? We bet you have tons of forgotten items in that attic, basement, garage, or any room that you haven’t seen in a while.

Take a few hours on the weekend to go through everything and get other family members involved if you can. Create a pile of trash items such as old, worn clothing, items that are completely broken, and items that are covered in mold or mildew. In another pile or box put in items that still work or are in good condition but haven’t been used in years. You may also come across items such as toys from your childhood that you’ve completely forgotten about. If it has sentimental value you may want to keep it but if not, why not get rid of it?

Some items you may want to look out for are vinyl records, vintage/antique toys, vintage designer fashion, coins, artwork, fine jewelry, figurines, etc. These are just some of the types of items that do well in our online auctions.

Check the Value of Items

In that box of items that are not trash, you may have a myriad of vintage items or antiques. This is where the fun starts, however, it will require a little research. This is an important step, though. Before selling anything, it’s important to have an idea of the value or market price of an item.

A good place to start is our friend, the Internet. Do a simple web search for the item you want to sell and add “for sale” at the end. For example: “mid-century table for sale”. This will give you an idea of what other people are selling and the going prices for items similar to what you want to sell. You can also check eBay to see if there have been items like yours that have sold and the prices they sold for.

Now It’s Time to Sell

Now that you have items you want to sell, you can try to sell them through various online marketplaces such as online classifieds, consignment stores, or our online auctions!


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