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How to Get Good Deals and Make Money in the Process

Resell items to make money

Need an idea to make some extra cash while searching for new treasures to add to your collections?

If you’ve ever watched a show like Storage Wars, you know that you can sometimes get a great deal on stuff and come across some treasures by bidding and winning the contents of a storage space.

What Is Abandoned Property?

This is property that is considered abandoned because the renter can no longer pay for the storage space, so the company has taken over the property and auctions it all off in bulk. If you’re the lucky buyer of a storage unit full of goods, you may come across a rare collectible or items that are valuable and worth a ton of money.

We offer a similar experience in that every once in awhile we will offer up an online auction of abandoned property. Most of these auctions involve property in apartments or homes. They typically include furniture, household goods, electronics, appliances, and more. You get to bid on the property in bulk. There’s always the opportunity to get items that you need. Then you can sell the rest and make a nice profit!

That’s what Mark Meyer has been doing since he got out of college. This CNBC article tells the story of his business and how he’s been able to make a six-figure income just by buying and selling abandoned property.

Where to Re-Sell Items

You could re-sell items on popular sites such as eBay and Amazon. However, there are so many other online marketplaces and apps where you can sell your goods such as:

* OfferUp – This is a popular app to sell just about anything to local buyers.

* Mercari – This app is owned by eBay. It’s similar to OfferUp, but you can mail items to any buyer

* Facebook – Did you know that this popular social media site has a marketplace where you can sell goods?

* Etsy – If you have handcrafted or vintage items, this is a popular site to sell these types of goods.

* Poshmark – Sell any type of clothing.

* Ruby Lane – A popular marketplace for high-end vintage goods and collectibles.

* Local flea market – Depending on where you live and what you’re selling, you may be able to make good money.

* Cal Auctions – Of course, you’re always welcome to resell items in our online auctions! Contact us for more information.

Are you ready to start making some money with abandoned property? Check out this auction we currently have or make sure to subscribe to our emails to be notified of future auctions.


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