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February 01, 2021 | Posted by admin

Hot-Selling Items in Our Online Auctions

We often get asked what are popular items or items that are hot-sellers in our online auctions, so we’re sharing our top items based on the past few estate sale auctions that we’ve had.

Sterling Silver

Whether it’s coins, jewelry, or flatware, silver always does well in our auctions. With the price of silver surging recently, it looks like there won’t be a slowdown of sales in this precious metal. And even if prices do cool off, there’s no doubt that people will still be attracted to (as they always have been) collecting shiny objects made of silver.

Mid-Century Furniture

We’ve been writing about the popularity of vintage furniture for the past several years – in particular, mid-century teak furniture. Mid-century remains a trend in interior design, although it may be waning a bit and leaning more towards a “mid-century boho” style.

Vinyls and CD’s

In our last few estate sales, we had a plethora of vinyl records and CD’s that did really well. This tells us that there are many collectors out there who still appreciate old media, especially those from the great musical artists of yesteryear.


Art is and will always remain highly sought-after just because we all love to look at beautiful paintings and photographs. Art is such a subjective matter and what sells for high prices really all depends on how much people like it and want it. We’ve sold art ranging in the hundreds to thousands of dollars.


If there’s a firearm you’re looking to sell, there’s definitely a buyer out there willing to pay for it. Ever since we did that huge gun auction a few years back, we’ve had bidders lined up every time there are guns in our auctions.

Vintage Electronics

Sometimes we scratch our heads wondering what people would want with a dusty old electronic piece, but we should know better that there is always that nostalgia effect when it comes to vintage items. Vintage electronics are no exception. There are people who know how to restore old record players, amps, and reel-to-reels.

What are your thoughts on our list of top-selling auction items? What are some things you like to bid on?

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