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Home Decor Ideas: Shabby Chic and Paris Flea Market Style

Shabby chic and Paris flea market home decor ideas

When browsing through our online auctions you will always come across vintage items and collectibles that may inspire you to redecorate your home, or perhaps you may be inspired to put on your creative crafty hat and give an old item new life through upcycling or repurposing.

This month we’re pretty excited about our latest estate auction that includes a huge collection of shabby chic and Paris Flea Market style items. [Update: This auction is already closed.] These are easy-going, relaxed decorating styles that bring up visions of being in the French countryside curled up on a comfy couch, drinking hot tea and reading a book.

Shabby chic style is characterized by simple or traditional pieces that have a worn, weathered look. Materials are light and flowy, usually in linen or cotton. A white monochromatic color scheme is highlighted by pastel colors. You could opt for a minimalist, uncluttered space with wooden furniture or lean more towards an eclectic look that mixes antiques and vintage pieces with feminine floral patterns.

Image credit: @Laboratoriorelooking on Instagram

Shabby chic decor idea
Image credit: @love_shabbychic on Instagram

You could take an item and give it a distressed look with paint – usually white or a pastel color. Any type of furniture could be used, but salvaged wood furniture is at the heart of this style. This vintage cabinet (available in our auction) was given a shabby chic look with distressed white paint and a lovely stencil decoration.

Shabby chic style vintage cabinet

Bird cages are also popular items used in shabby chic decor. An old wire bird cage could be used to house succulents, and plants. You could also fill it with string lights or candles to provide romantic lighting in a room.

Bird cage used in shabby chic decor
Image credit: @lizdiz on Instagram

We have a few charming bird cages up for auction including this unique metal bicycle planter with a large bird cage that would go perfect in your garden.

Bird cage planter

Can you imagine how pretty this victorian style bird cage would be with plants and flowers?

Shabby chic bird cage with table

Fans of the shabby chic and Paris flea market styles are highly creative and understand that just about any vintage find could be upcycled or repurposed into something beautiful. One could mix and match pieces to create a cohesive look with just a coat of paint.

Shabby chic bedroom
Image credit: @inwhite4you on Instagram


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