Cadillac restoration shop auction
July 11, 2023 | Posted by Maria Palma

Cadillac Car Projects Unveiled: Explore an Online Auction of Parts, Tools, and Automotive Treasures

We currently have an online auction – an absolute haven for those seeking classic Cadillacs, automotive parts, tools, and equipment to bring their dream vehicles to life. Whether you’re a seasoned car enthusiast or a passionate DIYer, this is the perfect opportunity to explore a wide range of automotive-related items. 

To shed light on what awaits you in this online auction, we had the pleasure of talking with the seller, Keith McGuire, who has an impressive collection of Cadillac car projects and a wealth of experience in this industry. 

The Love Affair Begins

Keith’s love affair with Cadillacs began when he and his wife were driving down the road one day and saw a bunch of custom Cadillacs in the parking lot of a restaurant. He immediately fell in love with these cars, which were all from the 50’s and 60’s. This ignited a quest to find a classic Cadillac to customize himself. Since then he’s purchased numerous cars over the years, which he fixed up and sold. 

The most memorable project for Keith was his first one, a 1968 Cadillac Coupe Deville. If you’ve never seen one before, behold this classic beauty…

Why Is He Selling?

If you’re wondering why Keith is selling his collection, he recently experienced a health scare and was not able to regain the energy to continue fixing up cars. 

With the revival of the Rockabilly trend (think pinup girls and pompadour hairstyles), this is a great time for classic Cadillac enthusiasts to score a deal on a “land yacht”. 

Pictures Don’t Do Them Justice

Please note that the cars that are up for auction already have a great deal of work put into them. The pictures on the auction page do not fully capture the beauty of these vehicles! There is also a nice collection of parts, equipment, and tools available in the auction so that you can finish any restoration project.

One of the featured cars is lot #50006, a 1968 Deville. It was 95% restored before the new owner decided to sand it down. It also has brand-new leather upholstery.

Seeing these vehicles in person is a must! Make sure to mark your calendars and attend the preview day on Monday, July 17, from 9AM-2PM in order to inspect all of the items up for auction. If you’re not able to attend the inspection, you can view a few video snippets of the cars on our YouTube channel.

This online auction closes on Tuesday, July 18th, at 6:07 PM PST. The pickup is in Vista, California. Shipping is available via La Jolla Pakmail and local delivery service is available via Haelo Express.

Get more information about this auction and register to bid here.


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