June 18, 2019 | Posted by admin

A Renewed Focus on Customer Service

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There are so many businesses on the Internet nowadays. Trying to navigate through the plethora of websites and decide who to do business with is as challenging as getting a cat to take a bath.

In our years of doing business, we’ve come to realize just how important customer service is. You could have the shiniest-looking website or provide a wide variety of products for customers to buy, but if you don’t have great customer service, you’re going to lose customers very fast. Customer service is fundamental to business. There are no if’s, and’s or but’s about it.

This year our focus and intention have been on creating an exceptional experience for our customers. We’ve been gathering your feedback and thinking of ways to make buying with us easier, more efficient, and more fun.

Here are a couple of things we have done recently to offer better customer service:

    • Appointments for removal days – Removal days used to be somewhat hectic and crazy. Now all removals are by appointment only. After the auction closes, you will receive a link with your invoice to schedule an appointment to pick up items.


  • New bidding software – We’ve been investing plenty of resources into new bidding software. If you’re a current customer, you probably have already noticed or experienced the new format for catalog pages. The catalog is more visual and picture-centric so that you can browse through the pages much quicker. You can also create a watch list of items you want to keep an eye on.

In the future, we will be implementing even more features into the bidding software such as gamification in order to create more engagement and participation.

We’re always open to your feedback and reviews. This is the best way for us to know how we can improve. Whether it’s good or bad, we want to know! We welcome your reviews on Yelp, Facebook, or Google.

We have received requests to have previews in the evenings or weekends because many of our customers work during the week. This is something we may not change because we are a family-oriented business. We want our employees to be able to have evenings and weekends off to spend with their families.

We have to remember that customer service also includes internal customer service, which is the service we provide to fellow employees. When our employees are happy, they are more likely to treat our customers with respect!



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