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7 Reasons Why You Should Shop or Sell In Online Auctions

Reasons to shop or sell in online auctions

Online auctions have been around for some time, but not everyone participates in them. Have you thought about buying items at auction, but still on the fence about it? Here are 7 compelling reasons why you should try online auctions:

Save money

Sometimes you can find brand new items at wholesale prices such as the sporting goods store liquidation auction that just ended. You can also find used items, those hard-to-find collectibles, and just about anything at online auctions. Who doesn’t love a good bargain? We’ve never met anyone whose spouse got mad at them for saving money. And if you’re a seller, you get to make some money on the side.

It’s good for the environment

There are so many things that get dumped in landfills every day. Why not sell that perfectly good item in an online auction? As a seller or buyer in online auctions, you’re helping to promote recycled items, which in turn can help the environment. You can even upcycle items to give them new life.

Online auctions are exciting

They’re not quite as exciting as live auctions with rambling auctioneers and waving paddles, but scoring a deal on something you really wanted will give you an adrenaline rush.

You never know what you’ll come across

If you’ve ever participated in one of our estate auctions, you know that there are always hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. You can find everything from everyday household goods to high-end art and furniture, antique collectibles and even one-of-a-kind items. Who knows, you may even come across old pictures of your family…

Vintage photos of people

You’ll meet like-minded people

Some online auction companies don’t offer preview/inspection days, but if you do partake in one of our auctions and attend an inspection day, you’ll get to hobnob with other auction enthusiasts.

You can brag to your friends about all the deals you found

People love to hear about bargains and deals. Tell me someone who doesn’t.

You’ll be supporting local businesses and sellers

Many of our sellers are San Diego businesses or individuals who are looking to liquidate or downsize their estate. Why not support someone in the community instead of a huge big-box retailer who doesn’t really need the money?

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