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5 Tips for Collecting Valuable Disneyana (a.k.a. Disney Collectibles)

Mickey Mouse collectible figurine

The Disney brand has been around for many decades with tons of people from around the world looking for pieces to add to their beloved collections.

If you’re thinking about starting your own collection of valuable Disney memorabilia (otherwise known as “Disneyana”), here are a few tips to get started…

1) Buy Limited Edition Items at Disney Parks

Each Disney park around the world has unique memorabilia and collectibles that are specific to each location. Many of these pieces are limited edition, which means that they eventually become rare items that collectors consider to be really valuable. If you’re able to visit any of the Disney locations, be on the lookout for these limited edition pieces.

2) Check VHS Tapes

Another set of Disney items that are in high demand among collectors are limited edition VHS tapes featuring some of the popular films. According to, there are 25 Disney VHS tapes that are worth a fortune today. The key is to look out for Disney Black Diamond editions such as the Black Diamond Edition of the “101 Dalmatians” VHS, which is valued at approximately $6,000.

Speaking of fortunes, if your ultimate goal is to collect items in order to resell for a profit later, you should check out this list of 25 old Disney items that are worth a fortune today.

3) Look For Unopened Vintage Items

Just like any other vintage toys that are collected, Disney toys that are unopened or in their original packaging are worth more money than if they are used or show a lot of wear and tear.

4) Be on the Lookout for Unique, Obscure Items

Items featuring characters such as Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck are obviously more common and can be found just about anywhere, but there are other vintage characters that are not so oversaturated. These nostalgic limited edition items are usually hard to find.

5) The Best Place To Look For Disney Collectibles Are Online Auctions

Online auction sites offer the best selection of Disney collectibles. Of course, you could still look for items at garage sales and flea markets, but if you’re looking for specific items, it’s much easier to do a search in online auctions.

In fact, we have a HUGE collection of Disney memorabilia coming in two of our Combined Gallery Estate auctions that will take place next month. We’ve already started adding items to the online catalog so take a look and start placing those bids! You can stay updated on these auctions by subscribing to our weekly emails or like our page on Facebook.

Are there any tips that you would add to this list? If you already have a Disneyana collection, share a picture of it on our Facebook page!


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