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June 25, 2020 | Posted by admin

5 Things Your Should Know About Our Industrial Tools & Surplus Auctions

Industrial tools and equipment aren’t exactly cheap, so when you can find a good deal on them you should take advantage. Our monthly industrial tools and surplus online auctions may have just what you’re looking for.

Before you start bidding on items, though, there are a few things you should know…

1. We often have hundreds of items up for auction.

From large machinery to power tools and to electronics and office supplies, we sell it all. The items in our auctions can vary from auction to auction, so if there are specific types of items you are looking for make sure to sign up to receive email notifications from us. That way you’ll know exactly when our industrial auctions take place and you can keep an eye out for the things you need.

2. You’ll find bargains if you look hard enough.

There are no minimum bids and no reserves in our auctions so you’re bound to find good deals. Spend some time browsing through all of the items and make sure to use the search function at the top of the catalog if you’re looking for specific items.

3. We don’t know everything about all the items we sell.

We do our best to provide as much information as we can in the descriptions of the items, but given that we have to catalog hundreds of items it’s just not feasible for us to research every single item. If we do notice any defects on an item, we’ll include them in the description, however, do know that everything is being purchased in “As Is” condition.

This brings us to….

4. Inspecting items is a must.

If you really want to know the condition of an item, we highly recommend attending the preview/inspection day that we offer. These preview days are available for almost every online auction we have. If you’re unable to attend but have questions about an item, we’re available by phone or online chat so you can get more information.

5. Make sure you can pick up the items on removal day(s).

We have specific days scheduled for pickup of items, so before you bid on an item make sure you can show up on those days or have someone pick up for you. We also offer shipping anywhere in the world through our partner, Pakmail La Jolla. Items left in our warehouse after the scheduled pickup day(s) may be subject to storage fees.

Have any questions about our industrial auctions that we haven’t covered here? Feel free to contact us anytime.


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