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5 Items You Don’t Want to Miss in the Latest Father Joe’s/St. Vincent de Paul Specialty Auction

Every single day Father Joe’s Villages/St. Vincent de Paul Villages receive thousands of donations, and it’s been a privilege helping this non-profit auction off all the specialty items. If you’re a first-time visitor or buyer to our site, we help this San Diego-based organization every month with their Specialty Auction so that they can continue to help the homeless community in San Diego County.

In every auction there’s always at least 5-10 items that catch our eye as we enter the descriptions for each lot. This upcoming auction especially has a few lots that deserve to be featured because we certainly don’t want you to miss out on a deal or a rare item that you are on the lookout for…

Original oil painting by Thomas Leung

Thomas Leung Painting

This is a very large, exquisite and vibrant piece that features a waterfall flanked by tropical foliage. It has an estimated fair market value of $11,000.

Leung is a Hong Kong born artist known for his dream-like and colorful landscapes. His works have been exhibited in Hong Kong as well as distinguished galleries throughout the U.S.

Star Trek Action Figures

Star Trek Action Figures

Every Star Trek fan will be clamoring for this huge lot of action figures to add to his/her collection. Star Trek celebrates their 50th Anniversary this year, so it was perfect timing to have these up for auction.

PacMania Arcade Game

PacMania arcade game

Every person who grew up during the 80’s remembers going to the arcade to play Pac Man. PacMania was the last game in the Pac Man series. Now you have the opportunity to actually own one for your game room at home.

Kachina (or Katsina) Dolls

Limited Edition Kachina Doll

Deer Dancer Kachina Doll

These dolls were originally made by the Hopi people with the earliest figures dating back to the late 19th century. They symbolize immortal beings who act as messengers between humans and the spirit world.

The dolls available in this auction are very large, limited edition pieces with beautiful and detailed craftmanship.

Mid-Century dresser and headboard

Mid-century headboard and dresser

Mid-century furniture has made a comeback in recent years, and just about every auction we have at least a few mid-century pieces that incite bidding wars. This upcoming auction does have a variety of furniture including this stylish dresser and headboard by Bassett Furniture.

Visit one of our previous blog posts if you want mid-century design ideas and inspiration.

You have a few weeks to browse through the online catalog with 1,000+ lots that includes tons of vintage items, collectibles, and even a couple cars. This auction starts closing on Wednesday, September 21, 2016 at 5:07 PM PDT with inspection days on September 17, 19, & 20.

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