November 20, 2016 | Posted by admin

4 Reasons Why You Didn’t Win an Online Auction Item

Online Auctions

Bidding and winning items in online auctions can be alot of fun and addicting at times. There’s
always that opportunity to score a great deal on an item. However, just like anything in life, you win some…and then you lose some. It is frustrating to lose on an auction item that you had your heart set on winning.

Here are some of the most common reasons why you didn’t win an item:

You didn’t do any research on the item.

Maybe you thought that you could get a really good deal, so you only bid a few bucks on an item.
Little did you know that it was a hard-to-find piece that was worth so much more and there were
other bidders who had that knowledge.

There are also those cases where people just really wanted an item and were willing to pay whatever price regardless of the market price. That’s when you give yourself a pat on the back for not getting caught up in the hype of bidding and just walk away.

Too much competition.

Because our auctions all start at 1 cent, we tend to draw in many bidders, which can sometimes drive up the price of certain items. Do keep in mind, though, that we auction off so many different items from collectible pieces to art and household tools to commercial equipment. Once in awhile we’ll have multiple lots of the same item, especially in our tools and equipment auctions.

You didn’t set a max bid.

You can enter a maximum amount that you want to bid on an item and our system will bid on your behalf up until that amount. Max bids are optional, but if you don’t want to constantly check on an item, then you may want to consider using this feature.

Granted, someone else could outbid you even if you did set a max bid. At least you didn’t lose out
because you weren’t able to get to your computer during the last few minutes of the auction.

Sidenote: If you set a max bid in our system and you are outbid by someone else, you will receive an email notification. However, you will not receive a notification on the day of the event closing.

You simply forgot.

Ok, sometimes you get caught up in the busy-ness of life that you forget about the auction. That’s why setting a max bid is a good idea. Or if you prefer the frenzy at the end of online auctions, you may want to set a reminder on your phone to log on and check your bids.

The bright side of losing out on an auction item is that there are many more opportunities to win
other items. We constantly have events posted on our website. Make sure to sign up to receive updates via email!


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