December 27, 2016 | Posted by admin

2016 In Review

Can you believe that 2016 is just about over? The time has gone by so fast, and it feels even faster when you’re as busy as we have been. If you haven’t been keeping up with our blog posts and updates or you’re a new customer, this post will give you all the highlights of our year here at Cal Auctions.

What’s nice is that we still have our core team together from 2015 along with the addition of John. However, John just enlisted into the U.S. Navy, so we have to say farewell!

Jody, Nichole, and Maria are the three musketeers who have been working on all of the Father Joe’s Villages Specialty Auctions, monthly warehouse estate sales, and off site estate sales. This year we did a couple off-site estate sale auctions in the San Diego area including a beautiful home in Del Mar.

This year the Father Joe’s Villages Specialty Auction that we do every six weeks moved to a new space across the street from the previous location. It’s a more open space inside the furniture warehouse where you can preview all of the items that go up for auction including tons of vintage furniture, collectibles, antiques, and much more. We’ve auctioned beautiful art and unusual items. These are all donations from the local community that are offered and proceeds help the homeless in San Diego.

Cal Auctions CEO, Jason Hanks, with Father Joe.

Jeremy and Roberto are in charge of processing the commercial auctions including the local community college surplus auctions that take place periodically throughout the year. Then there’s George who goes back and forth between the estate sales and commercial auctions.

In case you missed a previous post, the main warehouse is now dedicated to our monthly estate sales. This year we added another warehouse space located right across the way in the same complex. This new warehouse houses all of the tools, equipment, and other bulk auctions.

We’ve experienced our share of growing pains as we expand and take on new clients. One way we have grown is by offering the option for sellers to conduct their own self-supervised auction. This type of auction allows sellers to maintain control of every aspect of the event with the benefit of utilizing our marketing resources. If this is something you’d like to do, read more about it and get tips here.

Overall it’s been a very productive year! We look forward to an even better year in 2017. If this is your first time reading our blog, we invite you to sign up to receive updates of new auction events at the bottom of this page. You’ll receive a monthly newsletter that includes our posts as well.


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