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10 Things You Should Always Buy at Online Estate Auctions

Wall of vinyl records

Whether you’re just starting out as a collector or buying things to flip for a profit, there are certain items that always seem to be valuable no matter what. Over the past few years the collectibles in this top 10 list have always been popular in our online estate auctions

Vinyl Records

Old school records have made a resurgence with collectors clamoring for albums from the all time greats. Vinyl records are so popular that Sony is even thinking about making them again.

Mid-Century furniture

Home decor and design from the 60’s have been trending for quite some time and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out this post from our archives.

Collectible Coins

As we’ve basically evolved into a cashless society, actual physical money will soon become a rarity. There are many collectors out there treasure hunting for rare coins, but even not-so-rare coins have admirers. Check out this past post for tips if you’re new to coin collecting.

Vintage toys

Star Wars action figures, Star Trek action figures, Barbie’s, Cabbage Patch Dolls, and other popular toys from back in the day will always have a cult following.

Vintage designer clothing

Any pieces from popular brands such as Chanel, Prada, Louis Vuitton, YSL, etc. will always fetch premium prices. If you can snag them at a bargain in our online auctions you’re sure to make a profit.

Antique typewriters

People (especially writers like myself) always feel nostalgic when they see typewriters. Antique typewriters in particular can fetch a couple hundred dollars or more if they’re in good condition.

Vintage typewriter

Sports Memorabilia

Every professional sports player or team has a raving fan out there. If you have an item with an autograph on it, even better.

Turquoise jewelry

In my world, boho chic style will always be “in”. There are many avid collectors of turquoise jewelry who are willing to spend money on this gemstone. According to the International Gem Society, turquoise with darker shades and less green tint in the blue color tend to be considered more valuable.

Vintage product advertising

If you watch shows like “American Pickers”, you know that vintage advertising and promotional products are in high demand. Make sure to be on the lookout for anything from store signs to bottles and tin cans from famous brands.

Cast iron

This material is used to make items such as cookware, door stops, decorative house vents, and more. Keep in mind, though, that not all cast iron is considered collectible.

What do you think about this list of things you should buy at online estate auctions? Is there anything you would add?


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