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10 Ideas For Cool Holiday Gifts You Can Find In Online Auctions

Ideas for cool holiday gifts

The holidays are around the corner, and while there are plenty of online stores where you can buy mass-produced items to give as gifts, why not give your friends and loved ones creative, original, and cool holiday gifts instead? Here are 10 ideas for gifts that are fairly easy to make or put together, plus most of what you’ll need can be found in online auctions..

1) Tea Cup Succulents

Know someone who loves succulents and tea cups? Vintage tea cups and saucers can typically be bought in online auctions, so just fill them with small succulents. Voila! Very easy DIY gift that’s pretty, too.

Tea cup succulents
Photo Credit: O’Berry’s Succulents on Instagram

2) Original Vintage Art

The art collector who appreciates original vintage art and likes creating gallery walls will love the type of art you can usually find at online estate sale auctions.

3) One-of-a-Kind Coasters

Create a one-of-a-kind gift by turning old photographs into a set of coasters. Here’s a tutorial for DIY ceramic tile coasters.

DIY photo coasters
Photo Credit: Jane Johansson Photo on Instagram

4) Storage Filled With Goodies

If you have a friend or family member who needs storage, instead of a gift basket use an old wooden crate or trunk and fill it with the person’s favorite snacks or things.

5) DIY Jewelry Tray or Stand

For the woman who loves jewelry, make a DIY jewelry stand out of saucers and small candlestick holders just like this Kate Spade inspired jewelry tray.

DIY candlestick jewelry tray
Photo Credit:

6) Cigar Box Turned Rings/Cuff Links Holder

Here’s another idea for the jewelry lover or the business man who likes to wear cuff links: Turn a cigar box into a ring or cuff link holder. Here is a detailed tutorial from Sadie Seasongoods.

7) DIY Gifts From Vintage Linens

Repurpose vintage linens into pretty envelope pouches, an apron, or linen sachets. The Seasoned Homemaker put together 15 ideas for gifts you can make with linens.

8) Tree Ornaments To Keep Forever

Create one-of-a-kind Christmas tree ornaments out of vintage salt shakers. We all have that one person in our lives who loves to collect tree ornaments, so this is the perfect gift that can last for many generations.

Vintage salt shaker Christmas tree ornaments
Photo Credit:

9) Vintage Tin Turned Clock or Jewelry

Upcycle vintage cookie or tea tins into a number of unique gifts. Grains of Earth offers 13 unique ideas including desk clocks or jewelry.

10) Gift Basket Full of Vintage Toys

For the vintage toy collector, why not put together a nice gift basket of vintage toys or games?

Do you have any other ideas to add to this list of cool holiday gifts? Email a picture or share a link to your idea and we’ll add it to this post!

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