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The Different Ways We Market Our Online Auctions

Auction marketing strategies

Marketing plays an important role in online auctions, especially now that everyone is spending more and more time on their cell phones or in front of a computer. If you’re a current seller with us or are thinking about selling with us, in this article we’ll be offering an overview of how we market every auction.

Recently I attended the Auction Marketing Management 3-day course for the National Association for Auctioneers where I learned current marketing strategies and how to connect with more buyers who are interested in online auctions.

We’re now taking a different mindset and approach to how we market each auction. Here’s a breakdown of each area we’re focusing on:


If you spend any time on Facebook, you may have come across one of our sponsored posts or have seen our live videos during preview days. It’s been said that users spend at least 40 minutes on this social media network every day.

Facebook uses a special algorithm that allows advertisers to create highly targeted sponsored campaigns that are shown to Facebook and Instagram users. For example, if we want to promote one of our estate sales, we can create a campaign in Facebook and show the ad only to people who are interested in or actually shop estate sales. This marketing channel has become much more effective at finding buyers than paying for traditional newspaper ads.

Email list

We have a large list of subscribers who receive our weekly emails announcing new auctions. Although we receive a great deal of traffic through Facebook, we still have a sizeable amount of visitors through these emails.

Auction and Estate Sale Directories

Our auctions are listed on various online directories, which gives us more exposure to people across the nation. In case you missed it, we were recently awarded Excellence in Estate Sale Marketing from Mega Estate Sales, a directory that lists estate sales all over the U.S. Also, last year we were the in the top 50 most viewed companies on EstateSale.com.

Direct mail

Depending on the auction, we may send out postcards to a certain demographic of potential buyers. For example, if we are holding an onsite estate sale, we may send out a postcard to the surrounding neighborhood. If we’re auctioning off restaurant equipment, we may send out a notice to other restaurant owners in the area who may be interested in buying used equipment.

We’re definitely working on other marketing channels and are constantly keeping up with changes and new approaches to online marketing.

If you’re interested in working with us to liquidate your estate or business assets, contact us to see how we can help!


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