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7 Inspiring Ideas For Repurposing Vintage or Antique Items

7 Inspiring Ideas For Repurposing Vintage or Antique Items

Perhaps you’ve been to a preview day for one of our combined assets estate online auctions and saw an item that made you think…

Why would someone want this old, junky thing?

Trust us when we say that there are probably a dozen or more ideas for that dusty and raggedy old thing. With a little creativity, just about anything can be repurposed into something totally brand new.

Here are 10 ideas to breathe new life into vintage or antique items…

Old Forks = Picture Frame Easels

This idea comes from – Bend the tines of an old fork to hold the frame…and that’s all, folks!

Old fork turned into an easel

Old Chairs = Garden Shelf

There are so many ideas for old chairs, and this idea from The Little Corner is very easy to do. Cut off the legs of the chair, paint it in your favorite color, and hang it up in your patio for a fun, decorative shelf.

Old chair turned into a shelf

Old Drawer = Ottoman

Maybe you have an old dresser that’s falling apart, but the drawers are still intact. You could turn those drawers into an ottoman or bench with storage (because we could all probably use more storage!) You could even get the legs from the old chair you used for the garden shelf. (Via

DIY Ottoman Drawer

Picture Frames + Corks = Cork Art

There is never a shortage of old picture frames. We love this idea from in which you can also incorporate all of those wine corks you’ve collected over the years. You could even use this to pin up photos or notes.

Cork art made from old frame

Brass Candlesticks + Old Plates = Serving Stands

Who says that brass candlesticks don’t have value? Just glue an old plate on top and you now have a stylish food serving stand or jewelry holder. (Via

Serving stands from brass candlesticks

Cheese Grater = Towel Holder

Now, this is a genius idea from for an old cheese grater. Turn it upside down, hang it on the wall in your kitchen or bathroom, and now you have a fun towel holder…

Cheese grater upcycled into a towel holder

Old Lamp = Bird Bath

The Shabby Creek Cottage offers this idea for an old lamp base. Attach a bundt pan to the top to create a very cute birdbath for your garden.

Repurpose old Lamps into a bird bath

What are some of the things you’ve created from vintage or antique items? Share your ideas on our Facebook page!

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