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Interior Design Inspiration For 2020

2020 has dawned upon us and maybe you’re thinking about redecorating your home with all of the cool collectibles, furniture or decor you bought from our auctions!

We are excited to say that there are some amazing new home design trends on the horizon. Maybe some of these will inspire you to give your interior a new look…

Bring Back The Vintage

We all have heard that what goes around comes around. In the interior design world that is one true statement. Things like spindles and spooled legs are back in the game and have been experiencing some nods from interior designers.

Bring back the vintage accents with a rusty table accentuated by a modern chandelier.

Dining room with a vintage vibe

Here’s a state-of-the-art kitchen counter with rustic patterns and a vintage vibe.

Rustic-looking kitchen counter

Let’s Create Geometry

Be it the floor tiles or kitchen counters, decoration pieces or light fixtures, geometric patterns are everywhere, and the year 2020 has embraced it with an open heart. Some geometric patterns are depicting the fusion of modernism, classical, and contemporary yet bringing the top-notch vibrancy back in line.

geometric tables

Geometry is timeless and upstaging the spaces with their modern yet sophisticated approach with these table pieces.

Add oomph to a dining room wall with golden and black symmetries broken by some silver.

Dining room with a vintage vibe

A Feminine Touch

Be it the color of a bedsheet or color of the wall, people are totally loving pink accents with millennial and blush pinks topping the charts. These pink hues are nothing like Barbie but the muted ones are back in the game to make your interior design game more subtle.

Bedroom with neutral and light pink colors

Nothing can go wrong with pink accents topped with neutral accents.

Living room with pink accents

Have any of these design trends inspired you to try something new for your interiors?

If you’ve ever purchased anything in our Combined Assets Gallery Estate auctions, we’d love to see how you display or decorate your home with these items! Post a pic on Instagram and use the #CalAuctions hashtag or share your pic on our Facebook page.