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For Sellers: Tips For a Successful Self-Supervised Auction

Although we offer full-service auction services for clients, did you know that we also offer the option to host an auction event on your own? We call these Self-Supervised Auctions in which the seller maintains control of the production, sale, and removal of all items. What are the benefits of a self-supervised auction? You gain… Read more »

New Venue For the Father Joe’s Specialty Auction

In our last blog post we talked about a new warehouse addition. Well, another change we’re experiencing now is a new venue for the Father Joe’s Villages/St. Vincent de Paul Villages Specialty Auction that is held every 6 weeks. If you’re a new customer or blog reader, you can read more about this Specialty Auction… Read more »

Are You Satisfied With Our Service?

Customer service plays an important role in all businesses. Take a look at all the great businesses that exist today such as Zappos, Apple, and Nordstrom. What they all have in common is exceptional service. If you ever stepped into Zappos headquarters, you will notice a very fun and colorful work environment. The company cultivates… Read more »

6 Things That Were Made Before the Internet

Before the Internet was invented we had much more time on our hands compared to what we have now. Kids actually played in the park with each other instead of chasing virtual creatures in the park, people went to the movies, joined their company’s softball league, and we all communicated by actually talking to each… Read more »

What’s It Like to Work at Cal Auctions?

Hi! It’s Maria, the resident blogger here at Cal Auctions. I also manage the Facebook and Twitter pages, plus I help with writing product descriptions for the online auction catalogs. In other words, I stay busy just about every day working with the company. I thought I’d shake things up a bit on the blog… Read more »

Auction Blog

New Website – Cal Auctions We are extremely excited about our new and improved website.  Now you can do things like search all of our auctions for the items you are looking for.  With the new tile layout on the home page you can find  the stuff you want and the price you set.  Thanks… Read more »