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How to Make Money with Government Surplus Auctions

Do you love online auctions and finding bargains? How about making money? What if you could make money while doing something you love? Buying items at wholesale and reselling those items for a profit is not a new concept. That’s how all retailers and businesses that sell products work. However, not many people think about… Read more »

What to Expect in Government Auctions

There are many opportunities to score great deals in government auctions. Government agencies such as police departments, military installations, post offices, and even colleges or public schools have surplus or items that are auctioned off on a regular basis. These agencies want to purchase new items and get rid of inventory, they have lost and… Read more »

Tips For Bidding at Online Government Surplus Auctions

Looking for bargains on used electronic equipment, computers, industrial equipment, or office furniture? Every few months we host online government surplus auctions such as the upcoming San Diego Community College Warehouse. If you’re a novice to online auctions or government auctions in general, here are a few tips to help you get started: Familiarize yourself… Read more »

Upcoming Government Surplus Auction in San Diego: SDCCD Warehouse

The San Diego Community College District’s warehouse is full again, so this is your opportunity to bid on items in this government surplus auction in San Diego including tons of audio/visual equipment, office furniture, computers, laptops, radio station equipment, metal file cabinets, and more. The SDCCD consists of three colleges including San Diego City College,… Read more »