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3 Steps to a Successful Estate Sale Auction

You’ve decided that it’s time to downsize your home or someone in your family has passed on and you want to sell their belongings. Holding an estate sale auction is one of the most efficient ways of achieving your goal if done in the right way. Here are the 3 steps to take to ensure… Read more »

Beautiful Collection of Asian Furniture and Decor Up For Auction

Asian decor evokes feelings of zen, harmony, and openness. It’s a timeless interior design style that could be incorporated into your modern home and still create a contemporary vibe. Are you inspired by the Orient and want to redecorate your home? Are you a collector of Asian furnishings? We currently have a very large collection… Read more »

4 Compelling Reasons to Downsize Your Home

Is smaller better? Some might argue that downsizing into a smaller home is indeed much better than “living large”. There are many reasons why people decide to downsize. Maybe all the kids have moved out. Another reason is that people are just tired of looking at all the stuff in their home. Are you trying… Read more »

5 Things You Need to Know About Our Online Estate Auctions

In recent years online estate auctions have been rising in popularity. This makes it convenient for people to shop estate sales and discover great bargains on everything from collectibles to everyday household goods. Traditionally, people have fun going from estate sale to estate sale on the weekends hunting for treasures. If there is something particular… Read more »

5 Helpful Tips For Liquidating an Estate

As life changes, eventually there will come a time when you’ll probably have to move, downsize, or liquidate a loved one’s estate. You don’t have to go through it alone, however. Hopefully these tips will help you get organized and give you ideas on how to manage the process. Take baby steps Liquidating an estate… Read more »