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Best Tips For Storing Collectibles and Antiques

Many of us have collectibles because we have a passion for what we’re collecting. Meanwhile, there are others who collect and invest in items with the hopes of making money in the future. Whatever your reason for collecting, it’s important that you take care of and store these items properly so that they can be… Read more »

Must-Know Tips For Investing in Designer Fashion

When we think of investing in collectibles, what usually comes to mind are sports memorabilia, art, vintage toys, figurines, etc. But did you know that designer fashion can also be a worthwhile investment? Over the past few years, we’ve sold many designer fashion pieces that served as a reminder that fashion is indeed cyclical and… Read more »

Top Tips For Collecting Vintage Items

If you’ve participated in any of our Combined Asset Gallery Estate Sale Auctions, you know that we often have vintage and antique treasures for every type of collector. If you’re just starting out as a collector, we’ve curated these 10 best tips from other vintage and antique enthusiasts… 1. Do a Little Digging Kate Simmons… Read more »

6 Items Every Vintage Collector Should Own

Vintage items always tend to stir up nostalgic feelings and immediately brings back memories of a simpler time – if you’re old enough, that is. If you’re just starting out as a collector of all things vintage, but also want to make a little money from your hobby, here are a few types of items… Read more »