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Two Ultimate Classic Cars Up For Auction

Ahh, classic cars. Whether you collect them for investment purposes or simply just love the cars, they stir up nostalgic feelings and memories of the “good ole days”. It’s only once in awhile that we auction off a classic car, and in our warehouse estate auction for August we have two classic cars up for… Read more »

What to Expect in Government Auctions

There are many opportunities to score great deals in government auctions. Government agencies such as police departments, military installations, post offices, and even colleges or public schools have surplus or items that are auctioned off on a regular basis. These agencies want to purchase new items and get rid of inventory, they have lost and… Read more »

Best Way to Liquidate an Estate?

Liquidating an estate can be relatively easy or it can be highly challenging. It all depends on what route you decide to take and what you have a tolerance for. Here are several options to consider: Have a yard sale If you have the time on the weekend (or several weekends because not everything sells… Read more »

What To Look For When Shopping For Collectibles

As an auction house that specializes in estate sales, we come across many unique items and tons of collectibles. If you’re new to buying pieces as a collector or you’re buying to sell and make a profit, perhaps these tips will help in your decision making and buying process. Special markings Many collectible pieces will… Read more »

Our Top 7 Most Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re a first time seller or buyer on our site…Welcome! We have pages on our website dedicated to buyerand seller information, but in this post we’re going to cover some of the most frequently asked questions we get. How do I bid on items? In this short video tutorial you’ll learn how to register… Read more »

6 Biggest Myths About Online Auctions

If you’re new to online auctions as a buyer or seller, they may seem intimidating to participate in. You may have preconceived notions on how online auctions work, so in this post we’ll dispel any of the myths that are floating around… 1) My items will not sell for fair market value Many people who… Read more »