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Top Tips For Collecting Vintage Items

If you’ve participated in any of our Combined Asset Gallery Estate Sale Auctions, you know that we often have vintage and antique treasures for every type of collector. If you’re just starting out as a collector, we’ve curated these 10 best tips from other vintage and antique enthusiasts… 1. Do a Little Digging Kate Simmons… Read more »

Why Attend a Preview/Inspection Day?

What makes our online auctions different from other auction houses is that we offer an inspection/preview day for almost every auction, with the exception of abandoned property and some bankruptcy auctions. Essentially, we’re a hybrid of old school live auctions and the new way of hosting online auctions. Preview days are an opportunity to inspect… Read more »

A Renewed Focus on Customer Service

There are so many businesses on the Internet nowadays. Trying to navigate through the plethora of websites and decide who to do business with is as challenging as getting a cat to take a bath. In our years of doing business, we’ve come to realize just how important customer service is. You could have the… Read more »

How to Make Money with Government Surplus Auctions

Do you love online auctions and finding bargains? How about making money? What if you could make money while doing something you love? Buying items at wholesale and reselling those items for a profit is not a new concept. That’s how all retailers and businesses that sell products work. However, not many people think about… Read more »

6 Items Every Vintage Collector Should Own

Vintage items always tend to stir up nostalgic feelings and immediately brings back memories of a simpler time – if you’re old enough, that is. If you’re just starting out as a collector of all things vintage, but also want to make a little money from your hobby, here are a few types of items… Read more »