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5 Reasons to Follow Us on Instagram

We’ve been on Instagram for a while, but we haven’t been very active…until now. One of our resolutions for 2020 is to connect with more people on Instagram. If you’re not following us yet, what are you waiting for? Here are 5 compelling reasons to follow us now (@calauctions)… 1. Join a community of people… Read more »

Our Most Popular Articles of 2019

Our blog archive has grown so much over these past few years! This article was initially titled “Our Most Popular Online Auction Articles of the Decade”, but since we’ve only been active on this blog for 5 years, it’s more fitting to simply share our most-read articles from this year. If you’re new to our… Read more »

We’re Hiring! Become a Part-Time Team Member

Do you love to shop in online auctions? Want to work with a fun group of people? Are you passionate about customer service and enjoy helping others? We invite you to apply to become one of our team members! What we’re looking for are people who can assist with physically preparing the items to be… Read more »

Best Tips For Storing Collectibles and Antiques

Many of us have collectibles because we have a passion for what we’re collecting. Meanwhile, there are others who collect and invest in items with the hopes of making money in the future. Whatever your reason for collecting, it’s important that you take care of and store these items properly so that they can be… Read more »

Must-Know Tips For Investing in Designer Fashion

When we think of investing in collectibles, what usually comes to mind are sports memorabilia, art, vintage toys, figurines, etc. But did you know that designer fashion can also be a worthwhile investment? Over the past few years, we’ve sold many designer fashion pieces that served as a reminder that fashion is indeed cyclical and… Read more »

3 Steps to a Successful Estate Sale Auction

You’ve decided that it’s time to downsize your home or someone in your family has passed on and you want to sell their belongings. Holding an estate sale auction is one of the most efficient ways of achieving your goal if done in the right way. Here are the 3 steps to take to ensure… Read more »