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Model Home Furnishings

CA190305- Nice Collection of Furniture, Art, Ligthing, Home Accessories & Decor.

Beautiful Collection of Asian Furniture and Decor Up For Auction

Asian decor evokes feelings of zen, harmony, and openness. It’s a timeless interior design style that could be incorporated into your modern home and still create a contemporary vibe. Are you inspired by the Orient and want to redecorate your home? Are you a collector of Asian furnishings? We currently have a very large collection… Read more »

4 Compelling Reasons to Downsize Your Home

Is smaller better? Some might argue that downsizing into a smaller home is indeed much better than “living large”. There are many reasons why people decide to downsize. Maybe all the kids have moved out. Another reason is that people are just tired of looking at all the stuff in their home. Are you trying… Read more »

Furniture and Housewares Online Internet Auction

JL340 SEE SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS BELOW REGARDING ACCESS FOR THE REMOVAL Estate furniture, home decor, kitchenware, small appliances, apparel, collectibles, tools and more! Shipping Available.  This is a client self supervised event.